To become professional for high-mix low-volume production

Diversity is required for many fields recently For automobiles, users' demand is also quite various and it is important task how optimize product development. For the standpoint of professional maker of exhaust system and exhaust emission treatment system, we propose total process from  development to product with the motto, “high-mix low-volume production” to our clients. Exhaust system is compilation of system technology including  sound, heat, vibration and environment technology. Based on long history of experience and basic technology, we'll create further value. From now on, we highly cherish customer satisfaction rather than just sales, so your considerable support is very appreciated.

CEO Yuichiro Asano


Company Name NISSIN KOGYO Co., Ltd
Head office/Kanagawa factory 172 Kamisoyagi Yamato-city Kanagawa 242-0029
Phone:046 (264) 1221 /Fax:046 (262) 3403
(Exhaust pipe, silencer)
 ground 16,581㎡ bldg. 8,045㎡
Tsuruma factory 565 Kamisoyagi Yamato-city Kanagawa 242-0029
Phone: 046 (261) 4340/ Fax:046 (262) 2663
(Exhaust gas purifier, silencer, shift lever)
 ground 10,284㎡ bldg. 6,762㎡
Tochigi factory 1941-1 Maganoshima Iwafunemachi
Tochigi-shi Tochigi 329-4306
phone: 0282 (55) 1760 / Fax:0282 (55) 5280
(Exhaust gas purification device, large silencer, exhaust pipe)
 ground 28,461㎡ bldg. 11,729㎡
Technical Center 1941-1 Maganoshima Iwafunemachi
Tochigi-shi Tochigi 329-4306
Phone:0282 (55) 6986 / Fax:0282 (55) 6987
(Development of exhaust system)
 (In Tochigi factory) bldg. 1,749㎡
CEO yuichiro asano
Employees 730 people (As of the end of May 2024)
Company Establishment 1959/Dec
Capital 162 million yen

Manufacturing automobile parts


Isuzu Motors Limited.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Hino Motors, Ltd.
Caterpillar Japan Ltd.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Komatsu Ltd.
Marelli Corporation

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Corporate history

  • 1959
    Dec Company established with capital of 9 million yen(timely capital increases have occurred since this date)
  • 1960
    May Factory construction (currently: Tsuruma factory)
  • 1965
    Oct Laboratory construction(at Tsuruma factory)
  • 1968
    Aug Acquisition of Yamato factory, and factory construction
  • 1973
    Mar Laboratory construction(Yamato factory)
  • 1977
    Jul New office construction(Yamato factory) and transition of head office to that factory
  • 1979
    Apr Increased capital to 162 million yen
  • 1984
    Apr Tochigi factory construction – first to third period (December 2000)
  • 1988
    Dec Technical cooperation with BTE Company in Thailand
  • 1992
    May Technical centre completed
  • 2002
    Sep ISO9001 and QS9000 certificates acquired
  • 2004
    Jun ISO14001 certificate acquired
  • 2005
    Nov Press building constructed in Tochigi factory
  • 2006
    Oct ISO/TS16949 certificate acquired
  • 2014
    Jan Established new joint venture company (NSBT) in Thailand alongside BTE Company
  • 2015
    Oct Established new joint venture company (CNI) in Indonesia with CSI Company
  • 2017
    Oct IATF16949 certificate acquired
  • 2018
    Dec Selected by METI as a Regional Future Leader

Overseas Operating Bases


134 Moo 6, Tambol Sri Maha Phot, Amphur Sri Maha Phot, Prachinburi 25140 Thailand



 Jl. Raya Bekasi Km. 23, Cakung, Jakarta 13930 Indonesia, PO. Box 1337/JAT

Overseas Technology Assistance Company


Environmental practice


To create comfortable natural environment and hand over to next generation, business activity should contribute harmony of natural balance and social benefit.


In business activity, each employees recognize importance of harmony of environment and business activity 

  1. Following articles are important items to continuous improvement and prevention of contamination
    (1) resource and energy saving (2) reduction of waste (3) recycle
  2. Complying with laws and rules agreed by company about environment, including client request
  3. Set up environmental goal and achieve. Reduce waste and maintain management system. 
  4. Inform policy to all employees and partners also disclose if requested.

Quality reliability

Quality policy

Always provide good and reasonable goods for customer satisfaction


approval/prize list

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Management System Registration Certificate

(Foundation) Japan Quality Assurance Organization27 October 2017

Management System Registration Certificate

(Foundation) Japan Quality Assurance Organization11 June 2004
Regional Future Leader Selection CertificateMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry25 December 2018