Development~ Prototype and manufacturing

The prototype department carries out regular activities tailored to customer events. We repeatedly identify problems in each process, from design/analysis to experimentation, prototyping, and quality assurance, and prepare for mass production. This allows for high-quality product development in a short period of time and a smooth transition to mass production.

Development~ Prototype and manufacturing

Product prototype

❶ Design/Analysis

Specification review via 3D modeling and analysis
 ↳Narrowing down of prototype specifications

Achieving product shapes via resin 3D printer
 ↳Early-stage review of press manufacturability/weldability

3D printer manufactured products
3D printer manufactured products

❷ Experimentation

Validation through experimentation
 ↳Design review and problem identification

❸ Technology/manufacturing

Prototyping for mass production
 ↳Smooth transition to mass production, and problem identification


❹ Product certification

Accuracy review using 3D measuring machine
 ↳ Quality maintenance from prototype to mass production stage
 ↳Identification of manufacturing problems

Non-contact 3D measuring machine
Non-contact 3D measuring machine